Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How to fix black and blank screen on Samsung Galaxy S5

Hi guys..

Just found out a new thing to fix my phone.. maybe this can help other people out there too..

I've been using Samsung Galaxy S5 for almost 2 years.. yeahh next month gonna be the 2 years anniversary.. >.<

So this happened last week.. i accidentally dropped my phone gently on the floor from the height of 5cm.. hahaa.. and after that the screen just went blank.. the phone is on but seemed like the screen just black.. cant see anything.. of course i was shocked cause before this i just cant count how many times i dropped it and it just stays strong.. haha

So i google i found this solution. Follow the steps:
1. Open the back cover and take out the battery.
2. Press the power, volume up and home button at the same time for about 1-2 min to drain out the power.
3. Then wait for a while for few minutes and put back the battery.
4. Try to switch on.

So i tried few times then only my phone started to function again.. i think bout 8-10 times.. phewwwwwwww

Then yesterday night i accidentally again knock my s5 gently on the wall.. ohhhh not again.. the black screen comes again.. it's just really a soft tap on the wall.. so tried the same way as before.. but still nothing happened.. the phone was actually turned on but the screen just unresponsive.. so i started to watch youtube video using my sister's phone and looked out at all the comments.. and read this..


 So i took out the battery, wait for few seconds then put it back, hit/knocked the upper right of the display screen by using my hand's knuckle.. hit both front and back few times.. then press the power button..

It works!!! My phone is back finally!! They said maybe due to circuit problem.. maybe it works on other samsung phone too.. You can just try it out..

Good luck!!

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